Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Japan and Korea, 1740

Today's map comes from the excellent collection and map site of Henny Savenije.

This G. Robert de Vaugondy work from the mid-18th century named "Le Japon" features the islands of Japan and the Korean peninsula. This map is an impressively accurate piece for its time, particularly for a European cartographer. We find it interesting how the map aligns the Sea of Japan with the peninsula by naming it the "Mer de Corée."

Many thanks to Mr. Savenije for sharing this map!


Jon Piedmont said...

Is that a scan of an original Vaugondy? If so, that's quite a find.

Show Off Your Maps said...

That is our understanding, yes.

Eagle Macher Squid Shmegegge said...

it's interesting how Kyoto doesn't seem to be on it -- it was the capital at the time -- while modern Tokyo and Osaka are, as Iedo and Osaca. Iedo is even emphasized like IT'S the capital when it wouldn't be for another hundred and twenty something years... so I'm guessing the Vaugondy had some misconceptions!

www.swaen.com said...

Kyoto was called at the time "Meaco", and is shown on the map.