Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Amsterdam, 1673

Today's interesting map comes to us from the collection of Jerzy Boden.

Mr. Boden supplies the following description: An extremely rare map engraved by Hugo Allard in 1673, known as the 'Restitutio' map. Shortly after the map was issued the Dutch retook the city from the English. The map was printed to celebrate the retaking of New Amsterdam from the British. Allard updated his previous plate by changing the title, some place names and most importantly by changing the view that appears in the lower right. This new view is known as the Restitutio view. It depicts a city that has increased considerably in size. Wall Street's “wall” is shown at the far right edge of the town - a wooden palisade! The Dutch returned the city to the British in November of 1674 and in return the British gave the Dutch the Spice Islands in the East Indies.

Many thanks to Mr. Boden for sharing this excellent map!


Anonymous said...

Interesting how the area around Quebec is labeled "Nova Belgica."

Anonymous said...

Radze wszystkim uważać na tego osobnika: Jerzy Boden zmieszkały XXX Mortlake Rd Illford. To szuja i donosiciel.